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The Range of Businesses We Create Our Wire
Harnesses for is Limitless

Wire harnesses serve as the nerves, veins, and arteries of the numerous electrical devices and equipment that power society. They are essential to ensuring the continued operation of a diverse range of machinery. Since our founding in 1964, we have dedicated ourselves to the practice of monozukuri design and manufacturing, with wire harnesses as our core product. Adapting to the changes of each generation, we have continued to develop and expand our supply channels. Today, Hayakawa Group supplies products to an ever-expanding array of industries and clients worldwide, including those in the automotive, household, appliance, and medical fields.

Main Business Area

  • Home Appliances

    Home Appliances

  • Automotive Equipment

    Automotive Equipment

  • AV・OA


  • Healthcare


Our wire harnesses are also found in various other equipment and machinery, such as ATMs, vending machines, solar panels, and gas-related apparatuses (boilers and calorifiers).

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Production System

Production Powered by a Global Network of Overseas Factories.

All of Hayakawa Group’s production operations are carried out at its network of overseas factories. We have constructed an optimal production system centering on production bases in China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Mexico to provide our customers with first-class support. Our worldwide monozukuri production network is the source of our corporate strength and competitive advantage.

Production System