Hayakawa Group VISION


Our Confidence as a World-leading Industry Pioneer


    Developing a global network of monozukuri design and manufacturing, as we expand worldwide

    After entering the American market in 1985, we began expanding our global operations by establishing production companies in Thailand, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, India, and Mexico. We also created sales companies in America, England, China, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, and Singapore. Today, this global network is a source of both confidence and pride for Hayakawa Group. In mobilizing this network, we can supply products and procure parts on a global scale. By further developing this global network of monozukuri design and manufacturing, we continue to advance and expand our operations across the globe.


    We painstakingly develop and supply wire harnesses to numerous clients and industries worldwide. The wire harnesses serve as the veins, arteries, and nerves of the electrical devices and equipment that power society. They are essential to ensuring the continued operation of a diverse range of machinery. Since our founding in 1964, we have dedicated ourselves to the practice of monozukuri design and manufacturing, with wire harnesses as our core product. Adapting to the changes of each generation, we have continued to develop and expand our supply channels. Today, Hayakawa Group supplies products to an ever-expanding array of industries and clients worldwide, including those in the automotive, household, appliance, and medical fields.


    Giving Everything We Can to Meet Our Customers’ Hopes and Expectations

    This is what we focus on in our work -- making sure our customers’ hopes and expectations are met. Each of the wire harnesses we craft are custom-made to the client’s specifications. Depending on the product or application, we design and manufacture our harnesses to meet a diverse range of needs and requirements. Even in new and as-of-yet unexplored fields, we promise to work tirelessly to live up to our customers’ expectations by harnessing the many resources of the Hayakawa Network. We develop a strategic product plan and commit this to action, while taking up new challenges along the way. This dedication to our customers is the philosophy that inspires our work, as well as the policy Hayakawa Group hopes to communicate to future generations moving forward.