Hayakawa Group REASON


Creating Custom-made Wire Harnesses Together with Our Customers

This is what we focus on in our work -- making sure to meet our customers' hopes and expectations. Each of the wire harnesses we craft are custom-made to the client’s specifications. Depending on the product or application, we design and manufacture our harnesses to meet a diverse range of needs and requirements. Even in new and as-of-yet unexplored fields, we promise to work tirelessly to live up to our customers’ expectations by harnessing the many resources of the Hayakawa Network. With this global network, we develop strategic product plans, commit them to action, and take up new challenges along the way. This dedication to our customers is the philosophy that inspires our work, as well as the fundamental DNA of Hayakawa Group hopes to communicate moving forward.

  • POINT01

    All Products are Custom Made.
    We Work to Solve Your Challenges.

    Day in and day out, our customers develop new products use wire harnesses. We take pride in our dedication to delivering custom-made solutions that address the specific applications and specifications of our clients. If you are struggling to find the solution you need, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to assist.

  • POINT02

    We Form Deep Relationships with Our Customers and Carry Out Monozukuri Production Together.

    To create custom-made products that meet our customers’ expectations, it is essential that we develop a deep relationship of trust and respond quickly to their needs. We work as our customers’ dedicated partner and execute our design and manufacturing based on a shared mindset, instead of one-sided ideas or interests. These are the values we uphold in our approach to monozukuri production.

  • POINT03

    Timely Delivery of the Most Affordable Products from Around the World.

    Following our first overseas venture in America in 1985, we began actively expanding to all regions of the globe. Our goal was to deliver the most affordable products, worldwide, in meeting our customers’ needs in a timely and strategic manner. Through this, we have continually strived to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

  • POINT04

    Our Sales Staff are Entrusted with a Wide Range of Responsibilities and Discretionary Powers, Guaranteeing Seamless Collaboration Between Group Companies.

    Our sales staff carry out product planning and client-based proposals. As such, the range of their responsibilities is wide, as is the scope of their discretionary powers. This level of autonomy allows them to think and act quickly as well as encourages collaboration between our group companies when developing specialized items or designing and manufacturing products.