Environmental and Quality-related Initiatives

Quality Policy

  1. We execute our corporate social responsibilities based on our eternal slogan, “A Life Defined by Quality, A Spirit Defined by Excellent Products.”
  2. We strive to always be ahead of changes in the world market and work to be a company filled with global spirit that ensures the satisfaction of all customers through its our products.
  3. We continuously review our and improve our quality management system.
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Environmental Policy

  • 1. We provide environment-friendly products.
    • We have set up and maintain an environmental management system that we continuously improve and we make efforts to prevent environmental pollution.
    • We comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and other mandated requirements.We have established a set of environmental goals that we regularly revise.
  • 2. We work to conserve both energy and resources throughout our operations.
  • 3. We actively promote the reduction of waste.
  • 4. In working to conserve the environment, we faithfully and earnestly participate in local community activities and contribute to greater society and the protection of our natural world through our environmental management practices.
  • 5. To make this environmental policy widely and publicly known, we have committed it to writing. We also promote the awareness and enforcement of this policy among all our employees in order to raise their level of environmental consciousness. Upon request, we offer full disclosure of this environmental policy.

Our Green Procurement Practices

What is Green Procurement

We actively engage in environmental conservation efforts. Within these efforts, green procurement has become an essential part of creating environmentally-friendly products that both comply with the law and have limited ecological impact. In collaboration with our business partners, we have recognized the importance of procuring parts and materials with minimal environmental impact and an ecologically-friendly life cycle. To ensure the products we sell contain zero hazardous chemical substances, Hayakawa Group promotes a policy of “never to buy, use, or distribute” any parts that include toxic chemicals.

Items Subject to Our Green Procurement Policy

All products shipped by the Hayakawa Group as well as any materials, parts, and packaging procured for use in our manufacturing operations.

Chemical Substance Management Rank

Management Rank Details
Prohibited Substances Level 1 Prohibited PCB, polychlorinated naphthalene, restricted materials mandated under RoHS, substances restricted under REACH, etc. (list of 25 substances)
Substances already prohibited from usage by existing laws and regulations
Level 2 Abolition/Reduction Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) (list of 1 substance) Upon customer request, usage is prohibited/reduced for a designated period.
Substances under Management Management Substance usage restrictions are not intended for informational purposes regarding the amount or usage of a given substance following a customer request. Example: provision of information concerning REACH Regulation Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)

Tools for Providing Information on Surveys, etc. for Chemical Substances

  • International Material Data System (IMDS) for the international automotive industry Japan Auto Parts Industries Association’s JAMA/JAPIA Unified Data Sheets Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium’s (JAMP) scheme for chemical information sharing and exchange under reporting partnership in supply chain (chemSHERPA) If you would like a separate format, please consult with us, and we will do our best to arrange one for you.