[NEW] Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic

We offer our heartfelt sympathies to all those adversely affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
We would also like to express our express our sincere appreciations especially to all combatting Covid-19 on the frontline and everyone contributing to prevent the further spread of the virus.
We wish everyone good health and a swift end to the pandemic.

Putting safety and health of our customers, employees and business partners first,
Hayakawa Group is taking the following actions to respond to COVID-19.

We would appreciate your understanding.

● In principle, members of business offices in areas where emergency declarations are encouraged to working from home.

● Business trips to areas where emergency declarations are issued (including within the area) are prohibited.

● Visiting from areas where emergency declarations are issued are prohibited.

● Refraining from social gatherings and dinner parties.

● Staggering employees' lunch breaks.

● To prevent infection disease, we highly recommend wearing a mask, hand washing, and hand sanitization.

● Requesting shipping carriers to take measures against infectious diseases.

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